Budget Voice Acting: The Wrathgate

New video! Thought I’d have a go at a… half-Machinima, I guess. The lazy kind, basically.

Still a few kinks with the sound and all, and a better mic would never hurt, but I’m pretty pleased with it ^^

In other news, I faction changed my Orc Mage to a Draenei the other day – and I’m pretty damn annoyed that the Alliance get to skip the whole of the big three-door room trash because Mekkatorque strides in like he has a place to be there. Damn you, gnomes.

War of the Warlords: Durotan and Blackhand

In quite a bit of contrast to the last video, this only took me about five hours… thank the Titans! And even though the last one took a total of nine hours, I actually think this video is better on a whole. Writing was a little cringe-worthy in Gul’dan and Ner’zhul, I think.

Also, I have a great tip for anyone who is bored out of their minds with 5.4 (everyone, basically) but doesn’t want to spoil the experience and mysticism of 6.0 by playing the PTR – simply play the short questline on whichever faction that DOESN’T have your main character on it! Oh, and if you’re a lore nerd like me, don’t read the quest text until it goes live; it’s half of the fun!

Oh yeah, and if you play the PTR, try to submit bugs as well. I, ah, may have forgotten about that part.